Grammarly Black Friday 2024 – Get 55% OFF Flat!

The Grammarly Black Friday Deal is an annual offer that all users can avail themselves of. It is the best deal Grammarly offers in the year.

This deal is a great way to save more than half of the original cost of the Premium subscription plan and is the best way to get started with Grammarly at an unfair price that is heavily discounted.

If you are looking to save as much as 55% to 50% on Grammarly, just get into this article. I will share all the deals and discounts available now and will be available in a few months.

Here is a quick preview of what will be covered in this article for you to look over.

Grammarly Black Friday Deal 2024 – Preview

This Grammarly Black Friday article will help you bust some myths about the Grammarly Black Friday Deal rumored to be active right now. Here is what you will know in-depth by the end of this article- 

  • When will you get the Grammarly Black Friday deal?
  • Is there a Cyber Monday Deal available on Grammarly? 
  • Other Active offers on Grammarly Premium
  • Original prices and benefits of Grammarly

Grammarly Black Friday Deal Validity & Eligibility

To be eligible for the Grammarly Black Friday Discount, you must pass the following two criteria-

  • Have a free account on Grammarly.
  • Be of legal age to own a credit card, as you will need it for payment.
  • Check the Terms and price for your Country.

Anyone can benefit from subscribing to Grammarly as far as eligibility is concerned. However, the offer’s validity is something you should be worried about as it is for a limited time only.

Here is the prediction of when the Black Friday deal will go live and for how long it stays valid based on Grammarly Black Friday Deal 2023-

Grammarly DealsDiscountWho Is Eligible?Valid Through
Black Friday Savings55%Anyone who owns a credit card24th November to 26th November
Cyber Monday50%Anyone who owns a credit card27th November to 3rd December

Does Grammarly Do A Black Friday sale?

Grammarly carries out the Grammarly Black Friday Offer for a few days during the Black Friday season. Users have a short window during which they can avail of the monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plan at a discounted rate.

Grammarly Black Friday Offer
Source: Grammarly

Typically, the Black Friday Sale on Grammarly is live in November (starts on November 26th and ends on November 29th)

To take advantage of the Black Friday Grammarly Deal, you can either create a new free account first by using the sign-up option, or you can directly buy the Premium plan using this link.

Grammarly 2023 Black Friday Deals Recap

When the sale was live in 2023, it offered the Black Friday deal only on select Grammarly plans. In other words, this discount can only be applied to Grammarly’s premium subscription.

You can save 55% on Black Friday by purchasing a Grammarly premium account. Here is an easy-to-understand table for your reference –

Grammarly PlanMonthlyQuarterlyAnnual
Original Price$12/ month$20/ month$30/ month
Black Friday(55% off)$5.40/ month$9/ month$13.50/ month
Black Friday Savings$6.6/ month$11/ month$16.5/ month

Does Grammarly Have A Cyber Monday Deal?

Grammarly does run a Cyber Monday sale every year, where you stand a chance to avail of the Grammarly premium membership at half the price. Here is a quick table on how much you would save with the Cyber Monday Deal

Grammarly PlanMonthlyQuarterlyAnnual
Original Price$12/ month$20/ month$30/ month
Cyber Monday(50% off)$6/ month$10/ month$15/ month
Cyber Monday Savings$6/ month$10/ month$15/ month

The difference between the Grammarly Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is that the Grammarly Black Friday discount offers a 55% discount, whereas the Grammarly Cyber Monday Discount offers 50% off, as shown in the image below.

Grammarly Cyber Monday Discount offers
Source: Grammarly

How Long Does The Grammarly Cyber Monday Deal Last?

The Grammarly Cyber Monday deal usually takes place after the Grammarly Black Friday offer.

The prediction for the Cyber Monday Deal in 2024 is that it might happen after November 26th. Since this membership offer lasts longer than the Black Friday sale, it continues until December.

How To Know When Grammarly’s Black Friday Deal Goes Live?

I will tell you my trick for keeping up with Grammarly deals and Discounts. I suggest you subscribe to Grammarly’s emails to receive regular updates. 

You can also stay tuned to Grammarly’s official website and the Grammarly Twitter (X) handle.

Grammarly Twitter (X) Handle
Source: Grammarly On X

Currently, Active Grammarly Discounts

There is no active Grammarly discount on premium memberships. However, you can save money on Grammarly by opting for the Annual plan instead of the monthly plan, which will allow you to save 60% of your expenditure.

Currently Active Grammarly Discounts
Source: Grammarly

Also, if you choose the quarterly plan for your Grammarly Premium account, you save 33% of the cost compared to someone who prefers the monthly plan.

To understand how Grammarly’s pricing plans work, let’s move on to how much Grammarly costs without the Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals.

Grammarly Pricing Plans & Benefits

For ease of understanding, here is a table of all the subscription plans for individual and business accounts on Grammarly. I have also taken the liberty to mention a few significant benefits of each plan here below-

Grammarly PlansFreePremiumBusiness
Monthly Cost$0$30
Quarterly Cost$0$60 (Save 33%)
Yearly Cost$0$144 (Save 60%)$180/ user
AI prompts100/ month1,000/ month2,000/ month
Write without mistakes
Adjust your writing tone
Rewrite full sentences
Brand tones
  • Grammarly for Free

With a Grammarly-free account, you can benefit from getting basic corrections made to your work. For example, if you want only spell check and grammar suggestions, this is a good enough plan.

  • Grammarly Premium

This one is a crowd favorite with no restrictions on what and how much it can do. With the premium subscription, you benefit by getting all the features from the free plan and 10x more additional features that will help you write just like a professional writer.

  • Grammarly Business

Grammarly Bussiness is beneficial for big teams, you can buy Grammarly Bussiness, which will come with entrepreneurial solutions.

Grammarly Premium Features – Why Is It Better?

Besides being helpful in checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, and conciseness, Grammarly Premium has many more features. The top 4 best Grammarly Premium features are discussed below-

  1. Adjust your writing tone

With Grammarly Premium, you can get suggestions on what tone will be best for your write-up.

Adjust Your Writing Tone
Source: Grammarly
  1. Rewrite Full Sentences

A unique feature of Grammarly Premium is that users get suggestions to replace a few words and whole sentences if need be. This saves a lot of your time and effort spent in wondering if the word fits correctly in your sentence.

Rewrite Full Sentences
Source: Grammarly
  1. Catch Accidental Plagiarism

When we are writing, we often don’t even realize that we might have written a sentence similar to that of other writers. Grammarly sieves through thousands of writing materials to give you a plagiarism-free write-up.

Catch Accidental Plagiarism
Source: Grammarly
  1. Generate Text With 1,000 AI Prompts

The AI prompts feature is one of Grammarly’s newer features. With It, you can get AI to frame a whole document, check a whole draft for errors, or even copy your tone of writing sentences to make your AI-generated work sound like you.

Generate Text With 1,000 AI Prompts
Source: Grammarly

Bottomline- Grammarly Black Friday Helps You Save More Than Half The Original Price!

Grammarly’s Black Friday offer is not active and is yet to be announced for 2024. Your wait will be over in a few months, But until then, you can use the free Grammarly version, which will help you check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

And if you can not wait until the Black Friday Offer, you can start your journey as a professional writer with the annual Grammarly Premium membership, which gives you the maximum benefit while saving 60% compared to the monthly plan.

So, will you wait until November, or will you start reaping the benefits of Grammarly Premuim today?


Is ProWritingAid better than Grammarly?

Even though ProWritingAid is cheaper than Grammarly, the accuracy and suggestions offered by Grammarly are much better than those provided by ProWritingAid.

Do people actually pay for Grammarly?

People who want to be professional writers or who want to be grammatically sound do invest in a tool like Grammarly to make their work easier and faster.

Is Grammarly premium worth it in 2024?

Grammarly Premium is worth it in 2024 as it does a better job at proofreading and suggesting improvements in your draft. Additionally, you can save tons of time that you would put in manually proofreading and editing with the help of Grammarly Premium.

Is Grammarly better than ChatGPT?

Grammarly AI prompts are made especially to give you writing solutions. Since Grammarly focuses on improving a text or a draft, it is way better than chat GPT, which is not made solely for writing in English. 

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