Grammarly Student Discount 2024 | Get 25% OFF

Grammarly is a blessing for someone like me who has to write many assignments and articles. Students from schools, colleges, and universities use Grammarly to minimize errors and advance their careers.

But breaking down a common confusion, Grammarly Student Discount is inactive and was last seen live on Grammarly’s website in 2023. But does that mean that students would not be able to get any discount?

Even without a special student discount, Grammarly offers several money-saving ways.

Let’s find out how!

Does Grammarly Offer A Discount For Students?

Grammarly used to offer students a discount until last year. However, the student discount in 2024 has not been seen on the website or on their official terms and conditions discounts page.

Even in their “students” section, Grammarly now only promotes its AI assistance for students without special discounts.

Grammarly Offer Students Discount

Therefore, it is safe to presume that Grammarly’s offer of student discounts will not be available in 2024.

Can I Get Grammarly For Free As A Student?

Grammarly generously offers students and all its users a free plan. Therefore, students can easily access Grammarly for free. However, for advanced tools and access, you must buy the premium membership of Grammarly.

Grammarly Free For Student
Source: Grammarly

Grammarly is also highly famous among Universities and Colleges. The unique plans that Grammarly provides to such organizations are a treat for students admitted to such colleges.

Grammarly for Colleges & Universities
Source: Grammarly

Students can get Grammarly for free from their partnered college or university when partnered. In a nutshell, if a student is enrolled in a partnered University, they can get Grammarly premium for free if that is a feature their college or universities allow them to.

Note- Check all details related to Grammarly for Colleges and Universities here.

How Can Students Get A Discount On Grammarly In 2024

Students who want the premium membership can either ask their university to get it for all the students and point out all its benefits. 

But if you are a student who is unsure if you will be given such services by your college or university, then you have the options mentioned below-

Grammarly for Colleges & Universities
Source: Grammarly

1. Grammarly for Free (Free Plan)

Grammarly has a free plan that is open to all. This feature can be installed on your computer, laptop, or phone. The features available with Grammarly for free are –

  • Writing without mistakes
  • Checking your writing tone
  • Generate text with 100 AI prompts
  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security

2. Grammarly Discount Premium- 60% off

Grammarly Premium features offer all the Grammarly features that can help you write efficiently and will save half of the time spent manually scavenging an essay.

  • Everything is included in the free plan.
  • Adjust your writing tone.
  • Rewrite full sentences
  • Write fluently in English
  • Catch accidental plagiarism
  • Generate text with 1,000 AI prompts
  • Grammarly workflows
  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security

3. Grammarly Business Plan

Grammarly Bussiness is a tool available for businesses that want to maintain the quality of their writing. 

The business plans offer tailor-made features that help you always be one with your brand’s image. The features included in the Grammarly Bussiness plan are-

  • Everything included in the Premium plan
  • Centralized billing
  • Style guide
  • Exclusive team features like – Brand tones, Knowledge Share, Analytics dashboard, and SAML SSO.
  • Generate text with 2,000 AI prompts.

4. Grammarly Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deal

Grammarly offers some of its most impressive discounts of the year during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events. These deals provide a fantastic opportunity for both new and existing Grammarly users to access the platform’s premium features at heavily reduced prices.

Grammarly Black Friday

In the past, Grammarly has offered up to 55% off on its premium plans during the Black Friday event and 50% off on the Cyber Monday event. 

This means that users could access the annual Grammarly Premium plan for as little as $72 per year, a significant discount from the regular price of $144.

Grammarly Cyber Monday

It’s important to note that the Grammarly Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are typically only available for a limited time. The Black Friday sale is typically live for one day, while the Cyber Monday promotion may run for a few days as per the 2023 deal.

Steps To Claim The Best Active Grammarly Deal – Annual Subscription

Follow these steps to claim the 60% off Grammarly Premium annual plan:

Step 1: Visit the Grammarly Website

Go to the official Grammarly website and click on the pricing option at the top.

Visit the Grammarly Website

Step 2: Select the Premium Plan

Once you’re signed in, click on the “Premium” option and start with your 7-day free trial.

Select the Premium Plan

Step 3: Sign In or Create an Account

If you already have a Grammarly account, sign in. If not, create a new account by providing your email address and setting a password.

Sign In or Create an Account

Step 4: Choose the Annual Plan

On the Premium plan page, select the “Annual” subscription option.

Choose the Annual Plan

Step 5: Apply the Discount

You should see the 60% discount applied to the annual plan, making the final price just $12 per month (or a one-time payment of $144 per year).

Step 6: Complete the Purchase

Proceed with the payment method of your choice, such as a credit card or PayPal, to finalize your Grammarly Premium subscription.

Complete the Purchase

By following these steps, you can claim 60% off the Grammarly Premium annual plan and unlock a robust suite of writing tools and features at a highly discounted rate.

Grammarly Orginal Pricing And Plans

All of the features mentioned above justify the price, and the Grammarly Premium 60% off is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Let’s look at this easy-to-read table, which will help you understand the original prices, discounted prices, and the savings you can make on Grammarly by subscribing to different plans.

Grammarly PlansMonthly CostYearly CostQuarterly Cost

Why Is Grammarly Important for Students?

Grammarly helps you write your assignments and emails without losing focus. You do not have to keep switching back and forth while working on something. It gives you real-time suggestions on how to improve your draft as you type.

Here’s what students say about Grammarly:

Grammarly Important for Students

Grammarly is compatible with over 500,000+ apps and websites, so you do not have to worry about switching tabs, whatever the page you are on. A few other features of Grammarly that are important for students are-

  1. Boost Your Grades

Grammarly will help you deliver flawless writing, which will help you raise your academic grades.

  1. Fine-tuning ideas

With Grammarly’s suggestions, you save time fine-tuning your ideas on paper.

  1. Plagiarism-checker

Scanning thousands of online documents within seconds on Grammarly will help students keep their work plagiarism-proof.

  1. Editing for better delivery

Editing and rewriting have never been easier than this before. Grammarly helps students rewrite sentences that are not just grammatically correct but are easy to read as well.

  1. Citation

Grammarly will help you get relevant citations when and where they are due. This feature makes your work look clean and shows you give credit where it is due.

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Conclusion – Grammarly Discontinued Exclusive Student Discounts!

In 2024, Grammarly changed its offerings a bit. Still, you can save up on Grammarly even without a special student concession by using its free version or asking your university, college, or school if they offer it to their students.

If not, take advantage of the Grammarly Premium discounts offered throughout the year. With Grammarly Premium, you can save time and instantly access all of Grammarly’s features that enhance your work. 

It has saved me from making small and big blunders in my assignments and emails. Get the Premium Grammarly account today and stay on top of your class by submitting great work every time!


Is Grammarly premium allowed for students?

The Grammarly Premium subscription plan is great for students and professionals. Whether it is allowed to be used or not is a question you must verify with your teachers.

What is the cheapest way to buy Grammarly?

The Cheapest way to buy Grammarly is to opt for the yearly Grammarly Black Friday deal, which can offer up to 55% discount on top of the annual Grammarly Premium subscription discount.

Is there a cheaper version of Grammarly?

There are a few cheaper options or alternatives to Grammarly, but none deliver the quality and help that Grammarly provides.

Which is better, QuillBot or Grammarly?

Grammarly provides better AI writing assistance than QuillBot and has advanced capabilities with its Generative AI feature.

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