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Grammarly occasionally offers discounts and promotions on their premium plans, and Reddit is a great place to find these deals.

However, given the increasing availability of fake discounts and coupon codes, it is crucial to determine which subreddits are well-moderated and provide correct information for Grammarly Discount.  

Here is a detailed analysis of the information I discovered on Reddit about Grammarly Discounts.

Grammarly Discount Reddit- Subreddit (Offical Discounts)

When looking for Grammarly discount codes, I suggest you use the subreddits below for genuine information.

Grammarly On the Subreddit- r/Grammarly
Source: Reddit

Look for all discussions about Grammarly here on the subreddit- r/Grammarly

On rare occasions, the latest tips on using Grammarly and sale information can also be found on the following subreddits:  r/freelanceWriters or r/ContentWriter_forhire.

How To Use Reddit For Grammarly Discount?

You can use Reddit to find discount codes and promotional offers related to Grammarly.

Use Reddit for Grammarly Discount
Source: Reddit

Use the above subreddits to find posts and comments for authentic discount codes or promotion links. You can Search “Discount codes” or “Grammarly Discounts,” or you can use specific words such as “Black Friday Discount.”

When purchasing the premium Grammarly version, use the discount codes found on Reddit before completing your purchase on the checkout page.

Looking For Discount Code- Grammarly Discount Reddit

Here are some important discussions related to discount code sales on Reddit about Grammarly that came at the top.

The first thread about Grammarly Discount Reddit asks the basic question-

Looking for discount code / how to apply a discount code
byu/Rawbar inGrammarly

This thread did not have any helpful discount codes.

And since I have covered the answer to the other half of the above question on “how to apply a discount code,” let us move on to different results.

Free Grammarly Discount Reddit

Another popular search about Grammarly is the “Grammarly Free vs. Paid Version.”

Here is what Reddit user fromRonnie had recently asked about the same- 

Grammarly free vs paid version
byu/fromRonnie inGrammarly

A relevant response on Reddit stating that the paid version is great for all caught my eye, as I seconded CREstuff on what he had to say:  

byu/fromRonnie from discussion

Grammarly Premium Discount Reddit

As suggested above by CREstuff, you must get Grammarly Premium, but do they have any offers or discounts? 

Using the method I mentioned earlier, I searched for a Grammarly Premium Discount on Reddit and found the following links to a shady site on r/Copyediting.

You have been warned- use such links at your own risk.

Grammarly Premium Discount Reddit
Source: Reddit

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

Is it worth it to go through so many discount codes on Reddit? Is Grammarly Premium Worth this hassle?

Flaky_Construction_4 had the same question-

Grammarly Premium worth it?
byu/Flaky_Construction_4 inWGU

National_Yak3876, to which he replied with his positive experience of using Grammarly –

byu/Flaky_Construction_4 from discussion

Grammarly Black Friday Sale

Another Grammarly Discount-related thread that is most talked about is whether Grammarly offers a Black Friday Sale.

tafty545 asked –

Is there usually a good Black Friday sale?
byu/tafty545 inGrammarly

A user answers this query with a Reddit link confirming that the Grammarly Black Friday sale is available.

Grammarly Black Friday sale
Source: Reddit

Grammarly $69 Reddit

On the subreddit r/freelancerWriters, user C. Scott Brown asked another question related to Grammarly Black Friday-

Grammarly Black Friday?
byu/cscottbrown infreelanceWriters

FRELNCER answered with the most unbelievable deal he got: Grammarly for $69. 

Upon Investigation, I found that this used to be a Black Friday Deal on Grammarly in the initial years of its launch, and the deal is not available anymore.

byu/cscottbrown from discussion

Grammarly Student Discount Reddit

r/rikeyy, who I assume is a student, wanted to get Grammarly for a discounted rate, and he posted his query on the group saying-

Subscription discount codes?

Subscription discount codes?
byu/rikeyy16 inGrammarly

The Grammarly Community Ambassador on Reddit commented under this post with the best solution of contacting Grammarly support and asking for a student Discount.

And an option you, too should consider if you are a student. Here is what PersonalAstronomer47 (Grammarly Community Ambassador on Reddit) responded-

byu/rikeyy16 from discussion

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Summing it Up! Grammarly Discount Reddit Is Showing Unreliable And Outdated Codes!

We have touched base on all the helpful Grammarly Discount Reddit threads and subreddits. Now you know that Reddit offers many valuable tips on how to save money on a Grammarly subscription.

However, I suggest you be careful of what link you click on and what website you use to get a coupon code. Remember the Black Friday Sale where you can get Grammarly for 55% less.

If you want more legitimate and safe discounts, check out my detailed article on Grammarly Discounts.


Is there a way to get Grammarly cheaper?

During promotional offers, Grammarly can be purchased for less. Follow Grammarly’s social media accounts and sign up for their mailing list to stay updated about discounts.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it in 2024?

Grammarly Premium helps in the process of proofreading and editing. Its new AI feature also helps suggest impactful sentences without changing the meaning of what you want to convey. Hence, Grammarly Premium is worth it.

What is the lowest Grammarly price?

Grammarly comes at 60% off during some of its discount seasons. During this discount you can avail of Grammarly for as cheap as $12 per year.

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